This Christmas was very special for a some wonderful Dog people, who received the surprise of a lifetime for Christmas. Booker Leigh’s portrait was revealed to his “mommy” by her loving Husband Josh. I was happy to receive the short clip, with her crying tears of joy, seeing the oil painting for the first time. Next to the thrill of painting, the satisfaction of creating such a moment is the greatest reward for an artist. It was hard not to include the film in this post. But who wants film of themselves crying like a baby? It was a privilege that they shared that delicate moment with me.

Thanks Josh for trusting me with such a moment. Now you will always have a reminder of Booker Leigh that will outlive all of us.

A handsome and sweet English Bulldog, Booker Leigh is part of the family. Josh wanted a traditional style portrait, something with weight and strength, to convey their deep feelings for their child. I enjoyed the intricut challenge of depicting not only Booker’s distinctive markings but the deep expressive eyes and the feeling of light and love. It was made from a combination of photographic reference, one a very recent shot and another, from when he was an adolescent. The portrait is timeless, in the sense it convey elements from his entire lifespan.




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