Here’s why Liberals are the next conservatives

We all believe in capitalism. If you’ve worked hard, you deserve success.

If you’re a natural born citizen, if you were born into money, stability, or social status, if you happened to have been born white or male, then you are among a group of people who were given an advantage in the race to succeed.  You did nothing to earn this extra advantage. You are not entitled to success by anything you did. You were born with these advantages. Sure, you may have worked hard, gone to school, earned a degree. But you didn’t do this in a vacuum. You had help; you had an edge.

On the other hand there are those who have struggled to be here, migrated, some who are refugees, who have overcome great adversity, worked tirelessly in their own country and in ours to provide for their family. Against all odds, they are longing, yearning, studying to deserve the privilege of American citizenship and enjoy the American Dream, the pursuit of happiness.

And, there are those people of color and woman, who were born in our country, but who every day have to overcome prejudice and misogyny. They don’t complain; they pick themselves up by their bootstraps and persevere.

These are the people who have earned my admiration and respect, because they worked for what they have achieved, endured and sacrificed, while we took for granted the many advantages and opportunities they could never imagine.

As a member of the new conservative movement, the one that will soon wipe out the old one, I proclaim that, all things being equal, those who work for their success, those who have overcome all odds, who have earned their way to success, deserve it more.

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