frogI am forever wondering if I’m truly far left or if I’m just an empathetic person living in a late capitalist hell-scape, where I get called a commie for saying “hey maybe poor people don’t deserve to starve.”
For the record, Antifa just means anti fascist. There is nothing extreme in being against Nazi, skinhead, confederate fascists prancing through our capital using force to grab power. We must stop letting insanity define us. Compassion is not an extreme position. Transitioning to renewable energy is not an extreme solution. Paying people a living wage and making sure they don’t have to declare bankruptcy to get healthcare is not an extreme idea. These are sensible positions that make economic and moral sense. We didn’t get hear over night. It was a gradual process, like a frog in cold water, gradually being boiled to death.
Lies, fear and hatred are the enemy of freedom, liberty and justice. A new day is dawning. And the people will see the truth. Meanwhile it is best to remember, it is not our family and friends who are causing all this insanity. it is the lies the extreme right is feeding them. They are being deliberately and systematically brainwashed. We must confront the constant stream of lies at their source, whenever we can, in what ever way we can. Prosecute corruption, campaign for sanity, vote for reason and speak out for justice.
And as to why over 50 million people still support a failed president.Trump didn’t happen over night. We got to this place incrementally. It was years in the making, as Fox slowly turned up the heat. I think this image is perfect because as the water is the thing that sustains and cleanses us, they are blithely unaware they are being cooked. They didn’t just fall into the water, already boiling. They’ve been fully emerged for years, since the water was look warm. The threshold for normal has been pushed further and further to the right, so gradually, none of us realized it was happening.
In conversations with my friends on the right, they will say they’ve always felt as they do. But the idea of being a republican today is nothing like it was 20 years ago. The rhetoric has become increasingly hotter, year by year. The question is how hot will the water have to get before it boils. At some point, it will kill either them, or the ideas they’ve been consuming. The current temperature isn’t sustainable, as the January 6th insurrection clearly demonstrated.

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