The Portrait Presentation was a Hit

Rev. Chad Lawrence Headmaster of Holy Trinity

Rev. Chad Lawrence Headmaster of Holy Trinity

I’m very excited to present my portrait of Headmaster Chad Lawrence who is retiring from Holy Trinity Christian school in Beaufort, SC this year. The portrait was a senior gift to the school and will hang in the lobby of the new facility, which will be complete in time for the beginning of the next school year. What a beautiful legacy they leave for future generations.

Rev. Lawrence is sitting on a chair, upholstered with the school color pattern. On the table behind him is a very precious good shepherd woodcarving and the bible. The simple wood frame added to the modest, gentle leadership style of Rev. Lawrence.

The portrait was a complete surprise to Rev. Lawrence. The seniors staged a mock graduation ceremony for the purposes of my getting photos. I posed as a yearbook photographer, pretending to take pics of the kids while really focusing on Rev. Lawrence, who was very relaxed because he was surrounded by his beloved students.

Seniors posing for the camera

My intention was to capture the wisdom and kindness of this gentle steward. The kids said I nailed it.

The seniors were so excited to present the framed portrait at the graduation ceremony, which took place last evening. I’m told it was very well received, and that is always gratifying. I hope to get a video of the moment and will include a link here when I do.

Holy Trinity rev Lawrence

The entire project was organized by the students, who raised the money through multiple fundraisers. When I brought the portrait to the kids, they were flabbergasted. And as a double blessing, I ran into my old pastor Todd, who’d kids attend the school. He had nothing to do with refereeing me, it was just a wonderful coincidence.

Click the link below to watch the video.

holy trinity Rev Chad Lawrence unveiling


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