Mysterious lightHave you been watching the January 6th Hearings? So far, we’ve learned there was no evidence to support Trump’s claims of a stolen election, that Trump himself was attempting to steal the election, that he was behind the insurrection at every stage, that he tried to get his VP to overturn the election (a criminal act), then left him to the insurrectionists to be hanged for not doing so. And, most chillingly, that he is planning to take the presidency in 2024, whether the people vote him in or not. This is not your nice breaking and entering, BJ grade scandal. This shit is Shakespearian.

Discredit and Deflect

And here’s how the right is responding. Without a credible argument for why Trump did what he did, they are doing what they always do: discredit both sides, then assert their version of the truth, even after it has been proven a lie. Rinse and repeat. Casting doubt on all positions has provided cover in the court of public opinion. But in a room full of lawyers, backed by the Constitution, not so much. We’re onto the extreme right’s endless deflections. Newsflash: there is an actual truth about some things, like what a person did or didn’t do, for instance. We have records. We have testimony. We have proof. And we are finding out what trump did and is doing. Sometimes there aren’t “good people on both sides,” as he once famously blathered. And lying under oath carries a heavy consequence. That’s why trump’s cronies are taking the fifth and were begging for pardons before the end of his term.

American Justice

If you’re not watching these hearings you are missing out on seeing this country’s meticulous justice process unfold, a system that has evolved over the long history of our country. Though what has happened is unprecedented, we do have a systems in place to correct the problems. It’s not a perfect system of justice but it is the best humankind has come up with yet. Trump has flaunted and continues to flaunt the rule of law. And for those flag waving patriots among us that is what this country is founded on. His coup didn’t work and its about time the people heard the truth, or at least as close to the truth as our justice system can take us. We need to take these allegations seriously, indict if called for and hear the case n an open forum, where the facts can be debated, where hearsay is omitted, where lies are called out. Don’t miss out experiencing this historic moment. I have to believe that getting to the truth is our only hope of preserving our democracy. This is not right vs left. These are serious crimes he is alleged to have committed. I pray they get this right. I demand truth and I demand justice.

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