My Sonic Journey

I am now recording original music and making it available for soundtracks, films and other uses, with permission.

Listen to more of my music

This particular track features my clarinet playing. At one time I was training to be an orchestral clarinetist. I was a member of the Schaller school at WSU, where I got my BM. I still play, but now I get to play for myself, making music that I create. This one is set to visual track.

I’m creating lots of music now in layered improvisations. I am now collaborating with my son, Danny, who plays the violin. We are making some amazing sounds together. To hear more of these, click here. They are sonic landscapes. It’s all the same to me. I am layering sound, like layers of paint, overlapping and intertwining with other sounds. The music is not always grounded in a traditional beat. I am thinking of rhythm now as something fluid, like color. So, if you need a beat, you may feel lost. That’s okay. Sometimes the absence of a beat is just what is called for, at least in the landscape of my musical outpourings. And I always say, if you’re going to get lost, get lost in sound.

Here is one I have not set to a visual track, as of yet. So I invite you to enjoy the sonic journey and to make up your own visuals.

Here’s another, also featuring my clarinet playing, in the form of a Raga.

And Here’s another. On this one, Danny and I play a duet for Violin and Clarinet on the theme from Mozart’s Symphony number 40. I added additional music to create this short fancy take off. I’m sure Mozart would not approve.

And then there’s this one, called “Opus One.” An original music score, set to visuals, for those who can’t listen to music without pictures to go along. An epic eight-minute romp (nowadays, anything longer that 8 seconds is epic). But please don’t call it a music video. We don’t need another one of those, now do we. Nor would I be pretentious enough to call it an art video. And it’s not a performance piece. I guess I AM pretentious enough to call it a new genre, all its own. Just file it in the crap folder. No, that’s a bit harsh. My advice is just give it a listen. Take a minute of your quarantining and if you need a visual babysitter, watch it too. Open your heart to something brand new. Well, I did just compose it, so technically it is brand new. But of course, we know anyone who says a thing is brand new is just regurgitating bullocks. Oh, what the hell, just give it a try, maybe there’s a moment or two of inspiration among the tripe.

Here is a short scene from Vincent John Doe, a play by yours truly, with some music from the show, featuring Mary, Danny and James Maniscalco.


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