I’m so proud of William Shatner for opening himself up and drilling down to find the essence of the moment, the way only such a great actor can. Watch his interview on CNN. His deep presence of mind, befuddled and childlike in its raw awestruck simplicity, reveals what is best in humanity, finally releasing his full potential, his purpose in this life: to be the beating heart of humanity, truly willing to let go completely and fall deeply into the abyss of human frailty and truly go where no man has gone before, to that inward frontier, speaking directly to our darkest fears and brightest of hopes. This is the Shatner I came to know, back in the 1960s, when he gave me my first glimpse of the human psyche, transmuted through those now iconic performances.
    Battered and broken, Shatner has turned what was supposed to be just another expensive joy ride into a collective epiphany, expressing something no traveler to space has been able to convey: space equals death and our little blue ball is our only life line. Watch his immediate response to the flight.
    No one can get to the heart of the matter like Shatner, my captain, always my captain. I love you and the gift you have given your fellow humans, all together, with you, on this crazy road of life, on this tiny speck of Earth at this pivotal moment in the human epoch.

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