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Every now and then, I have the privilege to hear from the subjects of portraits I did as many as forty years ago, when I first started doing commission portraits. Here is a current photo of Dianna and Kara, whose portrait I did about 35 years ago. I was/am friends with their parents and they were very supportive of me in my early career, for which I am eternally grateful. diana and Kara portrait paintingSome people, one never forgets. And these two beautiful people are the children of Harry and Suzanne, whom I got to know as musicians. We all played together in numerous ensembles in the Detroit area back in the 80s. Like many friends, we have all gone our separate ways and they have slipped into the occasional contact category, with “likes” and cordial interactions on FB and Instagram, with occasional messages back and forth.

But how I do miss those grand old days, with endless rehearsals and sublime performances of great classical music and the great fun of discovering ourselves. It makes me wistful thinking about those days. Fortunately, I will always have many fond memories.

The portrait of the kids is among the fond memories I have. I remember they were very patient and polite. Kara was the more spirited one and Diana had her mother’s more introverted qualities. They were so sweet together and I’m happy we have the legacy of their childhood preserved forever. Sue just recently updated my archives with the portrait. I’m very grateful for that. I don’t have great photos of my early portraits.

Dianna and Kara are a bit older now, but they will always be those sweet children I remember painting. It’s fun to compare the child Diana and Kara with the grownups they have become. There is a similar ineffable energy, difficult to describe, that nonetheless shines forth in both images.

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