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Barbie 16 x 20″ oil on panel, framed by the artist

It’s like, a Barbie, except its a painting of a Barbie. Like, really cool. Just in time for the holidays. Who wants a Barbie? Barbie is a fashion doll created by American businesswoman Ruth Handler, manufactured by American toy and entertainment company Mattel and introduced on March 9, 1959. The toy was based on the German Bild Lilli doll which Handler had purchased while in Europe. I created this painting because of my memory of my sister’s childhood obsession with living the Barbie life.

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Original Painting by Robert Maniscalco, Giclee – archival inks, stretch on canvas, Artists Proof (AP) – archival inks and paper

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  1. erica.chappuis

    Personally, I find the doll in your painting far more charming than a regular Barbie doll. She makes me think of Bridget Bardot when she was very young. The whole thing has a slightly midcentury, French air to it.

    • Robert Maniscalco

      Wow, yes, that’s a feeling I was going for. It’s hard not to animate inanimate objects when I paint them. I’m encouraged to do more. Thank you!

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