Freedom’s Rise


Freedom’s Rise 20x 20″ oil on linen, framed by the artsit.

A Dolphin rises from the sea, through a wave, to catch a fish. We rise, against all odds, we gasp, to claim our place with our goal within our grasp. We celebrate those who bravely survived any way we could.
We forced ourselves upward, choosing the life of a creative, to face the horrors of a cynical world, to find our audience and patrons, adorers and abhorers, and worst of all, the masses of indifference.
Yet we are survivors. We persevere. So deeply personal, our work is intertwined and rooted with our identity. Our work emerges from the deep dark ocean of our soul, where abuse can wreak its greatest havoc.
So, here’s to me and all my fellow creative survivors, awkward, weird and beautiful in our own ways, who stay the weary course, year upon year. Here’s to the navigators of our freedom, who rise through struggle and adversity to lead us homeward. So when we catch a glimmer in the waves, it is that awesome culmination of the monumental will and sacrifice that persistence only wields.

Continued . . .

Artists are inherently sensitive, but we survivors have chosen a profession where our work is deeply personal and intertwined with our sense of self and identity, where the results of abuse tends to rake the most havoc. So, hats off to me and my fellow creative/survivors, awkward and weird and beautiful in our own way, who choose to put our selves out there, year after year. Please acknowledge them for their courage and tenacity when you have a chance. The painting also takes on a political significance. Freedom is something that rises, through struggle and adversity. And when it does, it is an awesome culmination of tremendous will and sacrifice. I was lucky to capture this moment in time while on a recent eco tour to Caper's Island.

Freedom's Rise is a continuation of Robert's wildlife series.

Sea Turtle

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Type of Work

Original, Giclee stretch on canvas, Artists Proof (AP)


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