Louise Noel


Louise Noel 18″ x 24″ oil on board, framed by the artist

The original is SOLD. Available only as Lmt Ed. AP and Giclee

Louise Noel is part of The Quench Project. Louise is the loving mother of Pastor Medit, my gracious host at the Bread of Life Orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti.  Louise was always smiling, as the 22 orphans played and worked around her.  When she stood up, the children were there to help her, placing her shoes on her feet, helping her walk. Her kind, gentle energy seemed to ground everyone in the compound.  We spoke only in smiles, as I didn’t speak Creole and she didn’t speak English.  I was so drawn to her spirit; I knew she would be my starting point in the project.

Continued. . .

Louis Noel is one of several paintings inspired from Robert's vision trip to Haiti, which he explores in his documentary short, “Out of the Darkness,” questioning our ideas of beauty and focusing instead on the resilient nature of humans to rise “out of the darkness.”


Robert features paintings from his recent vision trip to Haiti, and discusses them in his documentary short, “Out of the Darkness,” which questions our ideas of beauty, focusing instead on the resilient nature of humans to rise “out of the darkness.”  Robert, who is a survivor of child sexual abuse, has devoted his artistic life to helping others in their creative journey of survival in the context of his personal journey towards the light.  The Quench Project is a collaboration with Water Missions International.

Since 1980, Robert Maniscalco’s exquisite commissioned portraits and fine art have become part of over 850 distinguished private and public collections throughout North America.  The quench Project is his latest series of paintings exploring various world cultures.  Let me know if you have  or know of exhibition opportunities and/or artist talks around The Quench Project.

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Type of Work

Original Painting by Robert Maniscalco, Giclee – archival inks, stretch on canvas, Artists Proof (AP) – archival inks and paper


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