Stump On Capers

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Stump on Capers 12 x 16″ oil on panel, framed by the artist

Stump on Capers continues my fascination with the Boneyard Beach. Capers Island is one of the barrier islands that can only be visited by ferry. Captain Bob was very informative and entertaining in explaining the inexplicable magic of the tidal waters and islands near Charleston. I last visited Capers when shooting the movie Emanuel, about the Emanuel Nine. What attracted me to this common looking stump was the magical intersection of the cast shadow and reflection at its base.

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What attracted me to this common looking stump was the magical intersection of the cast shadow and reflection at its base. The challenge was finding just the right values to create the illusion of air water and land, interlacing one another in this tidal pool, brimming with life and energy.

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16"" x 16"" Giclee""]"

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Artists Proof (AP) – archival inks and paper, Giclee – archival inks, stretch on canvas, Original Painting by Robert Maniscalco

1 review for Stump On Capers

  1. Pamela McAllister Vandervelde

    AS an artist, Rob’s work is deep and compelling. Not only does decades of dedication and practice show up in his work, but the influence of his father, also a nationally known artist, is visible in his work. His multi-talents in various avenues add to everything he creates. Each work of art, writing, or performance is informed by dimensions of expression and sensitivity. His work is certainly to increase in value with the years simply due to his renown for contributing to many cultural activities. From serving as artist in residence to author, to artist, and teacher. This piece in particular shows the depth and the thought-provoking elements of each piece. This well-worn watcher of the sea so speaks to me of life’s journey.

    • Robert Maniscalco

      Pamela, I truly appreciate your kindness in taking the time to put down your words about “Stumped on Capers.” That’s Cate’s name for it. I like the idea of being a “well-worn watcher of the sea.” Your language is so thoughtful, inspiring and detailed. It means a lot to me when an artist of you caliber speaks about my work. Thanks again!

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