The Readers 1


The Readers 1, 30×30″ oil on panel, framed by the artist

The original is sold. Available as Giclees and APS

The Readers depict three young men getting into trouble.  The kind of trouble that comes from expanding their mind, using the powerful weapon of their imagination.  Job (smiling) and his friends enjoy a good book and good fellowship in the knowledge they are deriving.  The children of The Bread of Life Orphanage are fortunate to have found one another, lifelong bonds of around 20 others made homeless by the Earthquake and Hurricane of 2010.

Continued. . .

When Pastor Medit returned to his car after ministering to the sick and injured, he found 3 children sitting in his car.  Thus was the beginning of his true calling: raising these beautiful children to become some of the most loving, caring, dignified, generous people I have ever met.  I was taken aback by Job and the others who seemed far more interested in praying for me and my family than accepting my prayers and gifts.   They taught me the meaning of wealth and appreciating what we have.   And what do we have?  Each other.

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Type of Work

Original Painting by Robert Maniscalco, Giclee – archival inks, stretch on canvas, Artists Proof (AP) – archival inks and paper


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