The Sisters Rosensweig

The Sisters Rosensweig Reveals the Clown “I still believe there can be happiness in life.  Brief, but a moment or two.” As is always the case, it seems, whenever I take on a new role I find there is something of a life lesson to be learned.  Both the...

Dear Bully, Yeah You (Me)

Dear Bully, yeah you (me), I can see you don’t go around pushing people, insulting them, sticking their hair in inkwells, that sort of thing. But you do single people out.  You find something you don’t like about them.  You may not even know exactly what...

Surviving Spirit

When I hear the voices, real or imagined, clambering around me, of those who wish for me to fail, seeming hell bent on undermining my bliss, I have finally learned to laugh.  Sure, I know my videos may be seen as silly, I know NETI is just a glimmer of the creative...

Painting the Finish

“No one is an artist unless he carries his picture in his head before painting it, and is sure of his method and composition.”  Claude Monet. This conundrum is found in all disciplines.  I equate the creative process to riding a horse.  You want to ride the trail and...

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