PSALM Opening my eyes to the God I see in you, I see myself being seen in loving praise of all that is. Now, dear other, cry for the children without the words to plea, the savvy to endure, the tenacity to wait, unprotected by the healthy boundaries those of us,...

Surviving Spirit

When I hear the voices, real or imagined, clambering around me, of those who wish for me to fail, seeming hell bent on undermining my bliss, I have finally learned to laugh.  Sure, I know my videos may be seen as silly, I know NETI is just a glimmer of the creative...


One of my students just shared this with me, which left me feeling deeply grateful and humble. It also got me thinking: "I haven't told you, but you are such a good art teacher. I have improved so much with your help, and feel like the sky is the limit....

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