In life we take turns being the master or the apprentice.  Often we are both at once.  These distinctions are always by mutual agreement.  It is through these relationships that we grow.  Some master/apprentice  arrangements are healthy.  Some are not.  When the ego identification, associated with a boss/servant role is present, they are often unhealthy.  When we recognize something we admire in another being, however, whether in an amoeba or Jesus, we give ourselves over to that being in order to realize what they have or do that we would like to have or do. Yes, I believe a rock or a galaxy is a being.

Those of us who developed Cognitive Distortions regarding authority figures find these relationships, even healthy ones, challenging.  Most people have some level of resentment toward the authority figures in their life, usually because of difficulties formative experiences early in life.  Once we realize that being a master is not being a boss, that these distinctions are illusions only, we can then begin to benefit from these arrangements.

Even a President is subject to the will of the people.  Even the most powerful dictator must eventually answer to the people.  The master is not in charge, they are not in control.  None of these distinctions are real, therefore there is nothing to fear from the master.  In a healthy master/apprentice arrangement, perhaps a teacher to a student, the master is benevolent and is focused on the apprentice’s development.  In both roles, the focus is more about the other, rather than ourselves.  As I said, at any moment the roles may reverse.  The level of influence with which the apprentice endows the master is not real and can be taken away at any time by the apprentice.  Like all things, these arrangements are temporary.

The master/apprentice arrangement is a sacred trust.  It is how we learn.  We give ourselves over to another, willingly, in order to move beyond our own limitations, to learn what we could not learn any other way.   This arrangement is essential for humans to grow.  Without it, we stagnate in the vacuum of our own limitations.  Most often, the fear of losing something by giving ourselves over to another being, is enough to keep people stuck their entire lifetimes in their static existence, limiting their world view and keeping them from growing.

Blessed are the open-hearted, for they shall inherit the truth.


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