The game is rigged alright. We’ve all been pitted against each other while the man gets away with the loot. When, oh when will we wake up to the biggest scam in history? It is time we had a wealth tax. We need a way to reverse the incredible income inequality that has destroyed or society.

“But a “Wealth” tax, by its very nature, is a dis-incentive to innovate,” says FB friend, Doug Crowe.

I highly doubt anyone reading this blog is in danger of becoming a wealthy baron with the game as rigged as it is. People just assume that that kind of wealth is attainable by working hard and being smarter. But the system is as rigged against smart hardworking business savvy people as it is against the line worker at GM. Those wealthy individuals at the top, most of whom inherited great wealth, are not going to let you and me have a penny. Think of how many people Bill Gates screwed on his way to to amassing his wealth and those who will benefit from his foundation, engineered to save the world through world domination. These people need to pay their fair share of the wealth they got, most likely by dubious means, rather than simply hoarding it or using it to do what our government was elected to do, namely, allocate resources to where they’re needed most. Because it is not “trickling down” from the mega rich and it never will. There is very little money spent on innovating; more spent on crushing the competition. Besides, the wealth tax proposed by Senator Warren and Jaypal will effect only those with a net worth over $50 million.

My incentive is to feed my family and have a decent retirement in 15 years. A wealth tax on the super rich? I’d be happy to give back some of my wealth, if it were me. The wealthy need incentive to do what even they know is right. They used to pay tax at 85% under Eisenhower. That’s when we had a thriving middle class. I have to say, most republicans will agree with Mr. Crowe about the incentive bit. But Newsflash: The American Dream is a myth invented by the rich to keep the uninitiated and unwashed out of their hair. And you buy into it. Tell you what, I’ve just written a book that will magically transform anyone into Renoir. You turn it into an Amazon best seller and then we’ll talk.

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