Those who continue to support this pathetic loser say they do so because they like his policies or his stance on certain social issues. They simply ignore his “antics.” But delusional thinking and/or lying, as in the big lie, should be enough to disqualify. Those are serious mental deficiencies. But worse, what if they are deliberate tactics, most notably the kind of tactics used incrementally by Hitler to achieve his infamous goals?

That the former president is most certainly guilty of serious crimes around the J6 insurrection doesn’t seem to bother his followers. To them, these are the cost of doing business with their anointed leader. They just turn their heads.

To those in this camp I ask, what if you’re wrong? Have you ever considered, what if God did not send Trump to save the world? What if he is in fact a false profit? Or maybe he’s just a really good conman? Or worse, a full blown borderline/narcissist? Stop turning your head.

We got off relatively easy the first go round. We got only a taste of what he could do. His next stint as president for life will be catastrophic. We cannot let that happen. If democrats don’t hold Congress this November we are setting our beloved country up for a nightmare beyond anything we can imagine. We simply cannot let this happen. I believe there are more people of reason than there are moronic sycophants who are still turning their heads. We have the numbers to stop him now, before it’s too late. But only if every Democrat votes. Stop turning your head.

If you’re feeling insulted by this post, then maybe you need you to stop responding with your ego. This isn’t about whether you were/are right or wrong. If you’ve watched any of the J6 hearings, it’s pretty clear, you were wrong about trump. Just accept that you were duped by a pro and move on. You did it with Nixon. You can do it now. We’ve all been duped, and by better men than him. It’s time to drop the heavy weight of your ego that you’ve been carrying. And do the right thing, starting today. Stop turning your head.

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