I am a Christian and an American. Whether or not you believe in the rapture of the church (a word never used in the Bible) it is wholly (not holy) inappropriate for a high ranking government official to create policies with biblical outcomes. I refer to recent comments by
Mike Pompeo, the current Secretary of State, who comforted evangelicals recently that the rapture is near.
Christians who believe in God’s people being “taken up” should understand that it is not for us to know or determine God’s hand. It is blasphemy to intentionally create chaos to (design policy) precipitated on the coming of Christ.

As a Christian I believe my fellow Christians are playing with hellfire by mixing biblical prophesies with government policy. And I will not obey my Christian brothers and sisters who think I should shut up and go along.

People are saying Trump has revealed the GOP for who they really are. I never understood why they would want to shut the government down, ever since Newt Gingrich first did it in the 90s. I never understood why they govern through chaos and crisis. The tea party fought to oust the Godless Liberals. But beyond winning, what were they fighting for? Fiscal responsibility? Saving the constitution? Moral integrity? Freedom? Justice?

Turns out they’ve simply been fighting to destroy the world as we know it, to bring about such a calamity that only Jesus can assuage. It wasn’t enough to accept that we all are born into sin and that through His grace, and by following his example, we are saved. No, these people have the audacity to believe that they have somehow risen above sin to judge on Christ’s behalf. They actually believe their destructive actions will usher in the return of Jesus.

Don’t they understand that destroying the earth and one another is the gravest of all sins? When Jesus comes or when they are called to heaven, they will be judged for the destruction they have caused in His name. We all long to be reunited with our God, for that eternal perfection. But it is not ours to take by force or coercion. Many have tried, from Jim Jones to Hitler. Their “righteous” cause was their downfall. The Bible is clear that only God can judge.

Ours is to love each other and edify Him, as Christ commanded. The insane irony is that by precipitating the fall of man they are themselves falling. They are the very cancer they seek to eliminate.

The whole thing reads like an episode of Star Trek.

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