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I think God gave us Bernie (see video below), an imperfect vessel, so we might have a glimpse of what humans might achieve through our own best efforts. This old, kindhearted Jew never really had a chance, but for a brief moment, it seemed perhaps human decency might win the day. This tiny bird symbolizes for me the way God has spoken to us throughout our entire history, in an effort to demonstrate to us the futility of our own efforts, which are as profound yet fleeting as this tiny bird.

We all marveled at this quiet miracle but did not understand what it meant. Intuitively, Bernie did: world peace will never be achieved through human ego. But we were tricked, deceived. Great human egos determined that he would not succeed. And now the Anti-Christ has been released upon us so that we all may see, once and for all, that He is our one true God.

Humans have finally failed, individually and collectively, to deliver us. Political and religious “leaders” have “led” us to the brink of destruction, just as foretold.

You may choose to write me off as a crazy zealot, but this is the vision of our present reality that many are just now beginning to see but can’t/won’t acknowledge, because of a lack of vision, fear and pride.

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