Want to make America great again? Making anything anything AGAIN is the fool’s exercise in futility. So don’t look backwards. Instead focus specifically on what you thought was so great “back then” and manifest it, today.

Accept others. Accept yourself

For instance, if you liked it when blacks didn’t make such a fuss all the time, when they minded “their place,” then you might want to support policies and laws that repress them today, such as a for profit prison system, overly punitive drug laws, limits on voter, anti-discrimination and civil rights laws, cutting welfare and education programs in poor communities, banks offering only sub or non-prime loans, Gerrymandering, cracking down on immigration, shaming NFL protestors and black lives matter supporters, ignoring racial profiling and bias issues, lowering minimum wage, keeping higher education and health care out of reach financially.

All these policies disenfranchise, discriminate against, and yes, oppress African Americans in particular – but not exclusively, making it nearly impossible for them to rise out of poverty.

Trouble is, when one group is oppressed we are all oppressed. And there is, was and never will be anything great about that, America.

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