There is a strong pseudo-intellectual underpinning for the divide and conquer strategy currently being employed so brilliantly by Trump and his supporters. Break us away from our “tribe” and you can control us. Turn my brother into my enemy, keep us fighting, and you can get away with murder.

“But you are better than them.” So they tell you. “You’re superior. You don’t need them. They don’t matter.” That’s how they win you. Once they get you disenfranchised, they have you right where they want you.

If they can separate you from your tribe, your fellow humans, turn them into “the other,” then they have won. They call it being independent. They celebrate the individual, not because they honor independent thought, but because it separates you from the pack, makes you more vulnerable. Now it’s you against everyone else. That’s exactly where our handlers want us. Trump actually calls it “winning.”

Notice the only group exempt from criticism are white males, who are the pitiful victims of reverse discrimination, or what this turd calls “negative discrimination.”

No man is an island

I’m a white male. They have tried to separate me, alienate me, from these tribes. They want me angry at these various “others.” But being separate from them doesn’t insulate me from their suffering. Myself and many other white males understand that being alienated from “the other” actually leads to our own alienation and suffering. Hate and fear of “the other” tear at our soul, devour us from within. I know too many angry white men who consume Fox News, which fuels this anger and outrage.

Julio Watermission Haiti
Julio is director of Watermission in Haiti

Only by embracing our differences, uniting around our common diversity, can we break the cycle of oppression. Let us never forget that we are first and foremost a tribe of humans.

Next up, they are going to try and convince us that social security beneficiaries are to blame for the deficit. Our handlers will call them cheaters and scammers to separate us from them, the hard working tax payers. Many will fall for this tactic, as they have over and over again. Don’t let them.

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