Imagine what Hitler might have been able to accomplish if he’d had access to today’s social media, technology, wealth, weaponry combined with such intense levels of division and mistrust among his citizenry. Germany’s democracy collapsed under far less pressure. It fell like a sack of potatoes because everyone was convinced Hitler had the solution to all their problems. His incremental strategy was no match for a population starving for easy answers. Bit by bit, he moved the dial of normality, slowly tightening his grip, feeding the blind zealousy his fear mongering generated over several years.

Divide and concur is still a winning formula, always will be. Repeat the lie enough and they will believe it. Divide, marginalize, discredit your opponent. Then blame them for being causing division, for not supporting our “leader.” It’s the oldest trick in the book. When the opposition speaks out against injustice, simply change the narrative to “them” speaking against “us.” Foment hatred, then cry out for civility. It’s easy. It’s effective. It’s working like a charm.

Due process? Over rated.

Human rights? It’s a scam.

Climate change? Hoax

Free press? Trouble makers.

Immigrants? Rapists.

Freedom of speech? Only if you agree with me.

Change the questions until you get the answer you want. It’s a game of attrition after all. Let’s not forget the right controls all branches of government. And yet somehow the left is why we suffer. If they would just shut their mouths. . .  and his minions are emboldened by their leader, every day a little more, to make them SHUT THEIR MOUTHS. Today’s brownshirts are combing over FB, intimidating, insulting and bullying their way into history.

A restaurant owner asks Sanders to leave because of politics. “Proof, they’re out to get us.” But a baker denies a gay couple? “It’s their right of conscience [to discriminate based on sexual orientation].” So many double standards so little room on this page.

Suffice it to say, these are scary times in which we’re living.

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