The right talks a lot about realists, that the POTUS is a decisive, bold, practical leader because he stands up to our allies and reaches out with respect to despots. But so far at least, he has conceded much and gained little in return. They think this behavior should earn him the Nobel Peace Prize (and a military parade).

But what if this approach is dead wrong? What if we are upending the world order in the extremely unlikely hope that it will all end up in our favor? Rolling the dice, as it were (Russian Roulette is more like it). What if all this chaos leads only to our enemies seizing opportunities they never would have had, done nothing to deserve and offering little in return?

What if turning our allies into adversaries leads to more and escalating conflicts and results only in a collapsed economy. And at the end of the day the US is left isolated in a hostile world, with few if any real allies, who can no longer trust us to keep time honored commitments?

His unpredictability is touted as an asset. But would you like it if your friend loved you one minute and threw you under the bus the next? I can tell you, people like that do not remain my friends for long. Nor do I do business with them. “But he’s a tough negotiator.” Okay, then what has all this “toughness” produced? Respect? Verifiable agreements? Immigration or healthcare reform? Destruction of the status quo with no alternative plan in place? Nothing but the hope that the vacuum will be filled by something brilliant. He has torn up a lot of agreements but what has he produced as the world’s best disrupter? A lot of people are suffering while we wait.

He is trusting our enemies, who are playing him for a fool. He is betraying our friends. What does he hope to gain? What progress has he actually made? Winning? America first? He’s turning us into a doormat. Bluster? Hubris? Doormat.

Because in reality, he has no clue what he’s doing and this will not end well. It never has.

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