Guilty, as charged! But fortunately #forgiveness awaits, with the #purchase of @ThePowerofPositivePainting. #Learn to #draw and #paint.
As a frequent art competition juror in the 1990s and 2000s, I noticed roughly over 80% of the representational entrants at local art guild competitions lacked any sense of how light on form actually worked. Their work was flat and riddled with errors in value.
That’s when I launched the Power of Positive Painting movement. It was to help more amateur artists make the leap to professionals. I’m proud to say a good percentage of my past students have achieved that distinction and have become successful making a living from doing what they love.
Unfortunately, the same 80% of representational artwork I see at guild art shows still lack any true understanding of light and values.
So the work continues . . .
Good news! The Power of Positive Painting VIDEO is now available to buy or rent online. The perfect companion to the book. I did some color correction and it is better quality than the DVD.The P3Video celebrates 25 years since it was first released and sold by the Metropolitan Museum.
In The Reilly method, which I have explored in my new book, I first establish the large masses, relating smaller forms to one another, connecting and unifying the objects in relation to one another. Only then can I deal wil smaller forms with any authority. This ‘forest through the trees’ approach is the key to an accurate, unified drawing. More info on this system:

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