Virtual or In-person Private Lessons

Covid19 has everybody making adjustments. As an artist, I am going about my business very differently than usual. The Pandemic is an interrupter to the art business, in a lot of ways. Fortunately, as a visual artist, a lot of my work can be done remotely. I am showing and selling more from my website than ever before. As a portrait artist, I am able to work virtually as well. If I have good photographs, I’m good to go. But still, like most of us, I miss that in person contact.

Being isolated has given me the opportunity to finish my latest book, The Power of Positive Painting, my comprehensive how to draw and paint book, which I will be releasing very soon. Learning the art of painting is a pretty solitary endeavor anyway, with hours everyday spent in front of my easel.

I am teaching virtually as well, presenting zoom demonstrations and offering coaching and instruction via the internet. I also have a lot of online aids for some extra inspiration. I am teaching privately, both virtually and in person. Working one-on-one is really the way to go, if one wants to make a lot of progress during our “downtime.”  Here are a few samplings from the work we have been doing together, one amazing individual at a time. I find that painting along is a great way for students to learn about painting. It is how I learned.

I am very proud of the progress my private students have been making and want to show them off. Some of these are in progress and others have more of a finish to them. But they all exhibit a deep understanding of values and excellent drawing skills. Its he P3 method in action.

I asked my daughter, “when is a jigsaw puzzle the most difficult?” The answer: “at the beginning.” It almost seems impossible until you get a foothold. Taking the first step is the hardest part of learning to paint as well. I encourage anyone reading this to start something magnificent, while we have the opportunity. If you’ve ever thought about studying painting, now is the perfect time to begin.

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