Jesus Giving Communion


I went a little further with capturing that glint in the eye than I might have for a mere mortal. The highlights in the eye are an entire degree lighter than anything else in the painting. We can almost see what He's thinking, as He gazes compassionately at his Apostles, knowing what is to come. The eyes are definitely the focal point of the painting.

I found painting Jesus to be something of a spiritual epiphany. I felt I was communing with him as a worked. Every stoke seemed to change His thought and what He was saying to me with his eyes. I consider all my painting an expression of praise for our Creator. To create is to emulate God. After all, the opposite of depression, is expression.  Painting is a wondrous spiritual and emotional adventure.

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Type of Work

Original, Giclee stretch on canvas, Artists Proof (AP)


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