Perhaps Love


Perhaps Love, 24″ x 30″ oil on linen canvas, gallery wrapped (not intended to be framed)

First Place in Oil at 2023 Santee Canal Artist Guild

The original has found her forever home. Hand embellished giclees and archival paper giclees available.

A beautiful young lady is alone in an idyllic setting, perhaps waiting for someone. Perhaps she is not waiting. Perhaps she doesn’t need to wait. Perhaps she is complete without another to take care of her. Perhaps she doesn’t know this. Perhaps she does and so much more. The swans seem to be suggesting that we are not complete without another. I know I’m not. So love took me 52 years on Earth to find — more than half a lifetime! But was everything before then merely preparation? I experienced multiple lives in that fifty-two years, always a bit miserable about not having someone special with whom to share those lives. But still, finding someone to be with is not a worthy goal. Perhaps it is when we alone are enough, when we don’t need to find someone to complete us, that we become open and available to love. Perhaps it took me 52 years to become the person worthy of love. Or perhaps I was worthy all along, but did not realize it.

continued . . .

Like the song of the same title, perhaps we must understand the nature of love, before we can choose it for ourselves. We think of love as a youthful pursuit. It is most often depicted that way by artists -- and society at large. We imagine young, beautiful archetypes falling in and out of love, uncontrollably, passionately. All that dating and romantic ferver! You'd have to be young to manage it. Perhaps I'm being overly literal when it comes to age. The young beauty is, after all, only an archetype. Yet I know quite a few people who have experienced more than one marriage, if not several, before finding true love, later in life. Some never find it and they survive. So I'm not convinced a person in their teens or twenties is capable of choosing a life partner. Perhaps they are. Perhaps love requires a certain wisdom that comes with age. Perhaps it doesn't. Perhaps I've been wrong about love all along. And still, beautiful young people seem to be the go-to archetype when dealing with the theme of love. And yet, amazingly, I've had the great privilege to know many couples in the over 50 years of marriage club. I always ask them for their secret. Perhaps when I'm 102 years old, on my 50th anniversary, with my sweet Cate by my side, we'll have a good answer. And by all means, don't let me rain on your romantic parade. Feel free to fall under the romantic spell of "Perhaps Love." Because "my memories of love will be of you."

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Type of Work

Original Painting by Robert Maniscalco, Giclee – archival inks, stretch on canvas, Artists Proof (AP) – archival inks and paper


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