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Point of Art is the journey of an artist. It is a collection of ideas and meditations, intended to provide access to the creative process. Robert presents insights ranging from his practical system on drawing and painting to making it as a professional artist. He explores the relevance of self-expression in our daily lives as well as strategies for bringing arts and culture into our communities. With the 2013 release of the  Second Edition, Robert has added to this generous resource, filling it with valuable information for any artist or art lover.

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Though his creative muse has taken many forms over the years Robert has discovered a common thread which connects them all. Point of Art speaks to the basic need each of us share to communicate aesthetically. It is an inspiring conversation about the powerful life-affirming force that comes out of the desire to contribute something meaningful to humanity.

What people are saying about Point of Art:

“Robert calls upon his vast experience and offers fascinating and intimate insights into his approach to the creative process. One can just pick a page and find an inspirational nugget for the day.” Cynthia Daniel – A Stroke of Genius Online Portrait Gallery

Rob Maniscalco lives and works in the spiritual house of art, and I am personally inspired by his development as an artist and as a thinker. Point of Art is both aid and challenge to all of us who are attempting to find our way to better painting.” John de la Vega

“Many times amusing, yet always insightful, Maniscalco’s essays and musings recall brilliantly the approach taken by Robert Henri in The Art Spirit.” James W. Tottis – Associate Curator of American Art, Detroit Institute of Arts

“I can’t begin to tell you how inspired I am by your writing. I feel like I am being pulled into the world of painting. You use terms that I don’t know, and yet I feel like I know them. You assume that I have your knowledge and I feel my intelligence is respected. I am put in a position of being one of your long-time students and I benefit as if I had been in the classes all those years. I like that. You respect my intelligence as a non-painter and don’t try to explain the rudiments of painting. Instead, you skip the instruction and get to the conceptual wisdom. Your life observations as they relate to painting are so relevant to my work as an actor. I feel this book is essential for any type of artist or performer.” Don Harvey


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