January 6th Hearings

Have you been watching the January 6th Hearings? So far, we’ve learned there was no evidence to support Trump’s claims of a stolen election, that Trump himself was attempting to steal the election, that he was behind the insurrection at every stage, that...

Freedom and Truth

Plausible Truths  In light of the trucker protests, essentially weaponizing their trucks and the anti-vax movement at large, my measured conclusion is that ignorance is a fatal disease. Not getting vaccinated may kill you and others. As we pray for the future of a...

Trump is Smart

Much has been said about DJT’s intelligence, or lack thereof. I think we can concede he is a very smart man, as he so often feels compelled to remind us. But as some people are smart with numbers or in their musical ability, Trump is smart in his own unique way. DJT...

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