Jeff Flake is confronted by Sexual Assault Survivors

Did anyone notice the conflict and terror in Jeff Flakes’s eyes as those survivors confronted him today?

Dylan Roof also refused to look into the eyes of his accusers. But there is a subtle difference. Many believe that those who can’t or won’t look their accusers in the eye and engage with them know on some level that they are guilty.

Gerald Malloy glances at the defendant, Dylann Roof

Gerald Malloy demands that the defendant, Dylann Roof, look him in the eye.

As frustrating as it was to watch Roof staring straight ahead, it was strangely the only indication that Roof had any remorse or humanity left in him at all. If he could have looked the survivors in the eye, as they pleaded with him to do, and still feel hatred, that would have been the final nail in the coffin of his inhumanity.

But Roof WOULD not do it.

On the other hand, for a public figure, enjoying the public trust, like Jeff Flake, who struggled to deprive two vocal sexual abuse survivors the simple, human acknowledgement of looking them in the eye. When examined closely this inability to look directly into a person’s eyes is clearly an expression of guilt. Something in him knows his position is untenable. The struggle with conscience is palpable. It is an expression of shame, the deep knowledge that what he is doing is wrong.

Jeff Flake COULD not do it.

If Flake cannot look a human being in the eye and defend his position, what position does he really hold? He is saying by default, “that even though there are unanswered questions about the nominee’s guilt, with no more obligations to my constituents, therefore in my heart of hearts, I am going to place him in a lifetime position on the highest court in the land.” That was the moment. And the conflict was palpable. To be stuck in an elevator with people he knew were making a valid point and refusing to look them in the eye. That is the definition of deplorable.

But wait, there is one even deeper level of deplorable, deeper than those who can’t or won’t look a person in the eye. There are people who have the ability to look directly into a person’s eyes or even a camera lens and LIE, knowing that behind that camera millions of eyes are watching.

I think perhaps these people are the worst of all.

This is exactly how a pedophile, psychopathic moron got elected President of the United States. We learned that Kavanaugh refused to watch Christine Blassy Ford testify, even on a monitor. We recall that earlier in the process, without skipping a beat, he refused to look at the Parkland shooting victim’s father’s eyes on the senate floor. And finally, coming back in to respond to the attempted rape allegation, he lied through his teeth with ardent passion and Crocodile tears. He raged and accused the Democrats of setting him up instead of calmly explaining his side of the story. And this is how a petulant predator is getting into the United States Supreme Court.

Because he CAN do it.

As sinister as all this is, the real tragedy in all this is that “good people” turned, and continue to turn a blind eye to a boldface liar, in the name of political expedience.

Because they CHOOSE TO do it.


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