I am sickened by these Republican senators, who will likely put their political miscalculations before country, dooming us to fascism, an escalating culture of violence, in the years to come. Why? Because they don’t want to tick off their base. But if they don’t nip this in the bud, here and now, the barbaric hoards will keep coming. As my longtime FB friend Pat Turney says, “appeasement is never a good policy. Because you can never appease enough.” That’s how bully’s work. That’s how fascism gains power. Not through reason, not through debate. But through intimidation and force. They believe might is right. They will get the power they believe they deserve by any means necessary. Those misguided Republican senators are literally handing over our country to these violent mobs by turning their backs on the January 6th insurrection. Fascism will be the inevitable result. Mark my words: the next Republican figurehead will make trump look like Mr. Rogers.  Here’s where the story of January 6th turned personal. They must convict or we set a dangerous precedent. What limits are there on future presidents if they can instigate an insurrection?

Meanwhile, Republicans now call for unity. “The globalist elite are trying to divide and conquer us by keeping us fighting each other while they engineer new ways to take our freedom of speech and privacy away in order to profit and squash dissent,” says one FB friend, who wished not to be named. Who can disagree that the Super rich are delighting in letting us common folk fight it out. But isn’t it funny that this wonderful point always gets brought up by republicans when their backs are against the wall, when their indefensible positions are being challenged. It’s as if to say, “it would really piss off the global elite if you democrats would just drop this little insurrection business and just let us continue to dismantle democracy.”



Suffice it to say, I don’t think the continued weakening of democratic institutions like voting rights, equality and having a social safety net will ultimately serve us common folk, Democrat or Republican. If anything, the global elite stand to benefit most from fascism, which is really what’s behind this sudden desire for unity. Republicans cry “the global elite are coming” only when they feel threatened. And they feel threatened by intelligent people, the “global elite,” who are trying to work things out with trifles like treaties, social safety nets, including healthcare and social security, and protecting human rights. All those high minded, elitist ideas? They’re really just a smoke screen, designed to subvert the masses. Believe me, I get that. How dare they throw us a bone like taking care of our sick and elderly! Well quite frankly, I’d rather be “oppressed” by people who are actually trying to solve the world’s most serious problems of governance than by those who want to drive us back to a caveman-like anarchy. These people are hell bent on destroying the only democratic institutions that make life on this often wretched planet almost tolerable. Cutting off our nose to spite our face has never made any sense to me.

Let us consider the founder of this resurgent barbarian subculture. “Newt Gingrich’s career can perhaps be best understood as a grand exercise in devolution—an effort to strip American politics of the civilizing traits it had developed over time and return it to its most primal essence.” Civilization is at a breaking point. We must decide whether we want to move toward equality, a benevolent enlightenment or whether to embrace our most primal selves. I remember when he took over as speaker, thinking, this Gingrich guy absolutely wants to send us toward the latter. That’s when the spiral toward fascism really began. I have concluded, particularly after reading the Newt Gingrich article, quoted at the top of this paragraph, that the devolution of society is not something I’m willing to support as an alternative to globalism. The alternative to putting ourselves at the mercy of this dreaded global elite would be complete chaos. That seems to be what is behind the GOP agenda. If Bill Gates, the antiChrist, wants to cure HIV in Africa, I say let him. Frankly, I’d rather let the elitists try to figure out how to feed this planet as the population doubles in the next few decades, then leave it in the hands of barbarians. And make no mistake, that is exactly who led and participated in the January 6th’s insurrection. Those are the ones will be in charge of the next “Republican revolution.” Not the cowards, sitting on their hands, in today’s senate.



It’s truly a fascinating dichotomy the republicans are trying to create. On one hand there is the Ayn Rand “Atlas Shrugged” camp, which says the world would collapse without US few intellectual superior doers to keep it all afloat. While on the other camp, we have people like Newt Gingrich, who say we need to let the world order collapse so we can finally be free from the whims of the global elite. Think about it. Whenever Republicans have held power, they invariable shift income to the rich, AS they are dismantling the government. It’s as if they want to facilitate the global elite AND destroy them all at the same time. It doesn’t make a bit of sense to me. Honestly, I don’t consider myself a Democrat or a Republican. I’ve never been a joiner. I’m a humanist, a person of faith, who supports human dignity. I’m pretty sure the “global elite” have as many opinions about how to solve the world’s problem as us commoners do. I just don’t see the current crop of republican senators supporting that most basic value.

Republicans value freedom, a noble ideal. But the question is, what do they want to do with it once they have it, besides take it away from others? Maybe that’s why I oppose Republicanism so vehemently. They want their cake and eat it too; they are duplicitous and do not care. Like the animals Newt believes we are at our core, they simply want what they want. But they also expect it to be fed to them on a silver platter. The ideological core of republicanism is that they are monsters and expect others to behave monstrously, because they do.We are now seeing that played out in events like the insurrection of January 6.

Many have lulled themselves into believing now that Biden is president, everything will be alright again. But there are millions of ardent Republicans, 47% of whom believe political violence may be an option. Mark my words, another stronger, more savvy right wing demagogue will arise and sweep the gracious Mr. Biden aside in the next rigged, landslide election. Republican state legislators are passing laws that will make it possible to override the popular vote. This isn’t about ideas any more; this isn’t politics as usual. It is all about power, getting and keeping it. There are millions of Americans who see this moment as the beginning of a civil war.  Whether these senators do the right thing or acquiesce, is almost immaterial. These people are not going away; they are ready to make their move. They’ve had enough of us evil democrats and they are preparing to sweep us away.The January 6th insurrection was only their warm up act.

But then again, complacency is as American as liberty. As one FB friend put it, “I for one would rather share videos of fat guys falling down, but that’s just me.”

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