November 15, 2021

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The Power of Positive Painting has become a #1 Amazon Bestseller!


Forty years in the making, author, artist, and gallerist Robert Maniscalco delivers an inspiring how-to-draw-and-paint masterpiece to artists of all levels, in The Power of Positive Painting, the big (8.5″ x 11″), beautiful, 145 page, full color book, now available in hard and soft cover and as a Kindle eBook.


The P3 is an excellent guide to energize budding artists or curious first-timers, who want to engage in painting but either don’t have the confidence or the know-how. Seasoned professionals are also learning things they didn’t know they knew! Robert Maniscalco gets under the skin of his process and urges artists to move from couch to canvas in The Power of Positive Painting. Unlock the Dazzling World of Color and Light. Maniscalco shares his carefully guarded secrets to making a painting look 3-D. “Why not deepen your painting skills during Covid19? Re-imagine yourself as the artist you’ve always dreamed of being.”


Retail Price: $29.95 on Amazon
$24.95 Autographed copies direct from the author


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Art Stores, Art Schools and Museum Gift Shops are Now Carrying this valuable artist resource. Visit The P3 product page to see more reviews this book has garnered. Learn the secrets of the masters. Capture the visual realm by distilling the essence of character, and create art that seems to be living and breathing with light and life. Take bold, positive action with this proven method.

The Power of Positive Painting is filled with powerful illustrations explaining the secret methods and systems of the Frank Reilly system, used by the world’s top realists. Maniscalco is a highly sought-after commission portrait artist. His exquisite oil-on-canvas portraits and fine art can be found in over 850 prominent, private, and public collections throughout North America. Maniscalco is former host of Artbeat on PBS and founder of the Maniscalco Gallery in Detroit. Robert was courtroom sketch artist for the Dylann Roof and Slager trials. This is Maniscalco’s fourth book. One of America’s top commission portrait painters and representational artists, Maniscalco has also created numerous videos, blogs and led hundreds of workshops and classes on the subject of portrait and representational painting over his forty years as a top professional. He is also a playwright. His latest, Vincent John Doe, asks the question, what would happen to Van Gogh if he suddenly materialized in present-day New York City.


“My point in writing The Power of Positive Painting is to break us out of being stuck, waiting and wondering what to do next. Sure, the book delves into the experimental, responsive nature of painting but mostly the book is about getting us into action and keeping us there. Like relationships, like politics, art calls for positive action; art is a force to be reckoned with. There is power in making art that is convincing and authentic. The Power of Positive Painting inspires us to be a positive force for change, starting with our art. It is willful; it provokes, it instigates, maybe even angers us. The Power of Positive Painting asks us to be bold, to be our best, to be decisive, in a world where “anything goes” and “waiting for inspiration” is the infuriating norm. Instead let’s get into action, right now!”  Robert Maniscalco

0Here is some background information about how The Power of Positive Painting came about in the early 1990s.

Robert’s other three books are The Fishfly, Point of Art and Quench. Robert BLOGS extensively about the arts and speaks with authority about the creative process, the ‘democratization’ of art and the evolving roles artists and creatives are playing in today’s society.

0“Put Robert’s lifetime of study to work for you because the best way to learn is to learn what a master has discovered. Robert deeply understands the how of teaching, and what you must go through to learn. The Power of Positive Painting focuses on the craft aspect of painting. Certainly, Robert’s artistry comes through but no attempt by him is made to sway the reader stylistically. His method is intended to equip you for any representational genre, style or subject. Robert explores that place between art and craft and science with courage and sensitivity.” Eric Rhoads, founder and publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur and Plein Air magazines.

“This book presents an organized comprehensive overview of a broad variety of techniques and ideas which make up the systematic approach to representational painting developed by the late Frank Reilly. It serves as an excellent refresher course for those who have previously studied Reilly’s teachings in great depth, and it’s a good basic introduction for those artists who have not been so privileged. The underlying principles that informed Reilly’s teachings are clearly evident in the works of history’s greatest master painters.” —  Marvin Mattelson, award winning portrait artist and educator

A great introduction to drawing and painting. Robert’s “No experience required” approach means a student can learn step by step without fear of getting lost or overwhelmed. — Robert Schefman, Professor of Fine Art, College for Creative Studies, Detroit

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