out of darkness, by Robert ManiscalcoI am happy to report I just sold my first Quench Project painting, called “Out of the Darkness” to a wonderful collector in Nashville, Tennessee.   I have 5 more available and am working hard on getting them seen and bringing awareness to the needs in Haiti. I have already shared proceeds from this sale with the Bread of Life Orphanage in Jacmel – Haiti.  To see the entire series, thus far:


I am now beginning work on another 6-8 paintings that will complete the series. My painting of Loise Noel is currently into the juried Carolina’s Got Art exhibit and is currently part of an exhibition in North Carolina. Hopefully the entire series will be touring very soon after I have completed these last paintings. Then I will focus on finishing the book and the short documentary.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA few of the Quench paintings were displayed at an event at WMI, at the Redux Gallery, the Lownes Down Plantation and at the Charleston Unitarian church, where I gave an artist talk.  More to come!

I am still in contact with the Bread of Life Orphanage, letting them know I am thinking and praying for their well-being and that God is protecting them in their precarious but loving existence.  I sent them a portion of my first sale — weeks before I made it.  I am so grateful for their prayers and loving thoughts.  I pray that I will be able to make another trip in the next year with my wife Cate.

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