Again, a huge thank you to those of you who contributed to The Quench ProjectHere’s our video thank you.  The project is getting bigger all the time.

pluff mudThe big news, I am going to Haiti from November 3-12!  While there, I am going to be working with a school in Port An Prince, teaching art and facilitating in some art projects they have going.  So any art materials will be greatly appreciated.  More about what we will specifically be needing as I learn more about what they have in mind.

I have an entrepreneurial element to the project that is still percolating.  I’d like to help students and community members in Haiti learn how to sell their wares on the internet to generate income for their families.  Any ideas, please share.

Watermissions International is firmly behind the project and has been extremely helpful in preparing me for the trip so I can be of the most benefit to the people of Haiti.

More big news.  The Martin F Weber Company has signed on as a product sponsor.  They manufacture art materials such as Premalba paint and the ubiquitous Turpenoid, the odorless turpentine.  They will be providing a lot of the art materials for the project.  They have also agreed to create a FB challenge to their customers with a portion of the sale of their watercolor buckets going to WaterMissions International.

It’s all very exciting and there is much more to come.  Please share the good news with your friends.

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