Cate Maniscalco

Cate Maniscalco

Cate and Rob Maniscalco were married on June 1, 2012.  But their history together dates back over 30 years, when they each were drawn separately to a very special woman, who would became their surrogate mother, Pat Harvey.  Growing up a mile apart in St Clair Shores, Michigan, they became part of the Harvey family (I guess eight wasn’t enough!), attending family functions, not realizing they would one day become husband and wife.  Though Pat left us many years ago, we know she is happy that her two special ones are now together.

Pat Harvey

Pat Harvey

Just four months after Cate recovered from a life threatening illness she and Rob re-connected.  They immediately realized that their relationship was the culmination of their long and storied lives.  Cate swiftly moved from Ferndale,  MI to Charleston SC.  Having never even visited Charleston, she took a beautiful risk to be with her long time friend / future husband, his two sweet children and the family dog.

Cate has two adult children, Austen and Gabriella.  It was Austen who actually was the catalyst that brought them together.  Austen began painting around 2009  which led Cate to seek Robert’s advice on how to develop his nascent talent into a career as an artist.


“Justice” by Austen Andersen

Cate’s background as a designer and taste-maker is legendary.  She is a true people person, kind and at the service to everyone she meets. Cate served in the U.S.A.F and was schooled in Airport management and marketing.  She has been a licensed Optician and invaluable in the Optical profession for over 25 years as a consultant. Currently, she is one of Charleston’s top Opticians, with City Paper’s top Optical, Jackson-Davenport.

Fence Painting

“Fences” by Cate Maniscalco

Her extreme passion for the community and talent for cultivating  strong relationships is her motivation to share the beauty of Robert’s many talents. She has proven herself invaluable as a design and image consultant, working alongside Robert with his portrait and fine art clients.

Since moving to Charleston, Cate has also discovered her own talent for painting and acting, making her theatrical debut in Threshold Theatre’s 2012 production of Three Sisters.

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