Edge of the World


Edge of the World, 16″ x 20″” oil on panel, framed by the artist

Edge of the World explores our longing to be near the water. In this case, we are on a barrier island, known as Folly. At the end of the island is the famous Morris Island Lighthouse. Not much left of the island, with erosion and years of neglect.  A fisherman, roves the beach in search of his favorite spot for a productive day of surf fishing. He is determined and ready for the days pay out. There is much being done to preserve the lighthouse.

edge of the worldThe wonder of nature's push and pull and humankind's mark upon it, also pushing and pulling, speaks to the great universal force of love, which is drawing objects to one another even as it pulls them apart.

Earth is the life force of our world, not us. God appointed humans to be caretakers of this magnificent planet. That is what He meant by "dominion." As a Christian, I believe climate change is a test of the depth of our commitment, as a species, to the protection of our one world.

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Original, Giclee stretch on canvas, Artists Proof (AP)


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