January 6th Hearings

Have you been watching the January 6th Hearings? So far, we’ve learned there was no evidence to support Trump’s claims of a stolen election, that Trump himself was attempting to steal the election, that he was behind the insurrection at every stage, that...

Antifa vs the Frogs

I am forever wondering if I’m truly far left or if I’m just an empathetic person living in a late capitalist hell-scape, where I get called a commie for saying “hey maybe poor people don’t deserve to starve.” For the record, Antifa just...

A Dire Warning

I am sickened by these Republican senators, who will likely put their political miscalculations before country, dooming us to fascism, an escalating culture of violence, in the years to come. Why? Because they don’t want to tick off their base. But if they don’t nip...

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