bob Harvey framed SmallMemory Painting

Recently, I was asked by a very dear friend to create a vivid memory painting for the 60th birthday of her brother. All the siblings chipped in to pay for this 16″ x 20″ oil painting, framed in Mahogany.  It was made from a compilation of several photos taken when Bob was a little boy, fishing in his lakeside home.

I wrote a little piece to accompany the memory painting, which expresses some of my feelings about it. Enjoy:


Picture of a Memory

There was a time when everything seemed crisp and new and perfect. There was a time when everything made sense. The water was clear and calm and the old Willow seemed to know me and envelope me. The world was full of possibility.

As I return now, to myself, through the veil of time, I see that nothing was ever really mine. It is and was and always will be yours, dear Lord. And yet I give you now what I only seemed to have. Even my memories aren’t mine. The past is endless, as if it never really was. But I know it’s there, deep within the stare from the heart of this soul you always called your own, this skipping stone.

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