Good things cannot come from bad intentions. We have seen that a morally corrupt president simply cannot produce good policy and govern effectively. He has deluded himself so completely that he has caught others in the web of own deception. To many, he seemed like a kindred spirit of frustration with the status quote, a refreshing disruptor. Turns out he’s just a petulant child throwing a giant tantrum at our country’s expense.

The only actual solution he has proposed is a wall that causes far more problems than it solves. Unfortunately, many have tied their identity to a man who says and does everything he thinks, because they always wished they’d had such courage. They are now beginning to realize he didn’t have the grand plan they assumed was there. They trusted him. They thought there surely had to be some method to the seaming madness; we just couldn’t see it. He would reveal it at just the proper time. “Just you doubters wait” his followers repeated. But it turns out there was no plan. The disruption itself was his only plan.

The Opera Singer
The Opera Singer

The impulse to destroy, upend, disrupt, undermine, turn the tables is not in and of itself a bad thing, if your idea is to create a new and better way of doing things. Uber caused turmoil but in the end provided a better service. I created my doppelganger, called NETI, embodying the idea that the destruction of that which we hold dear can create the opportunity for something better. But without the better alternative, we are left with utter chaos. What made our systems and institutions corrupt wasn’t the systems themselves but the fact that the protections against corruption weren’t being enforced.

To destroy the system, hoping to rid it of corruption, is to throw the baby out with the bath water. It may feel like a great idea to just clean house. But destroying the house itself does not result in a cleaner house. It only results in a big pile of ruble. Where’s the plan for a better house? You can’t live in a vague generality. We need a house with a strong foundation.


There’s a good reason we bury our id deep inside; that’s because it’s only purpose is to subsume the good. It only knows consumption and destruction. And now we are left with chaos and no solutions because enough of us trusted this petulant child, passing himself off as a visionary, when he was nothing more than a conman, spouting empty slogans and stinging insults.

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