As Covid protocols continue to hang over us, we all have been making adjustments. I am giving my demos over zoom now, rather than in person. I have even been doing commission portraits completely virtual. My online shop has gone up and I’m selling work without ever making physical contact with the buyer. I certainly miss the interaction. But I realize, this is a season for isolation, reflection and an opportunity to sharpen our skills. The silver lining is that I have had time to finish my book, forty years in the making, as well as paint, a lot.

The Power of Positive Painting

I’m even doing a little teaching and coaching remotely. But for those who are nearby, I am offering private lessons in my studio. Whether remotely or in person, private study is the way to go, for those who are serious about moving forward in their studies. Aided by my book, The Power of Positive Painting, we are moving the needle in the skills department. I am so proud of their dedication. They are my prototypes, the first students who are using the concrete info from the book to reinforce their studio learning. They are practicing the exercises and strengthening their honest observation skills. And it shows.

Here are just a few examples of some of my recent private lesson sessions. Some are in progress, while others have achieved a high degree of finish. I’m very proud of the hard work and dedication of my students.

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