For those of you who kinda want to “experience” theatre or art or music, maybe just “catch the video clips,” just keep ”swiping.” If you’d like to truly immerse yourself in the creation of all three, live and breathe in the experience of Vincent, I hope you will consider actually leaving the comfort of your own home and adventuring to The Cannon Street Arts Center (free parking) next week to share this rare phenomenon with fellow adventurers. We literally can’t do it without you! Vincent John Doe is actually happening live June 6-9. Get advance tix: (866) 811-4111.

Brooke as Angel

VJD has assembled a fantastic ensemble of 9 talented, dedicated actors and two live musical visionaries who are living out our story. Today, I’d like to feature Brooke Mogy Watkins, who is playing Angel in our production. Brooke is a graduate of the esteemed Francis Marion University theatre program. New to Charleston audiences, you won’t want to miss her detailed, sensitive and passionate portrayal of this challenging role. Angel has an intense, other-worldly, connection to Vincent. Angel’s is a story of redemption and second chances and Brooke is bringing her heart and soul to this nuanced performance. She is a shining star in the constellation of bright stars in VJD and I can’t wait for you to see her shine.

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