It’s a Wonderful Life.  It’s a treasure and a pleasure to be in it.

wonderful lifeI am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to embrace the character of George Bailey, the everyman, broken by desire, redeemed by love and grace in a musical version of the perennial favorite called, “Miracle of Bedford Falls.”  The show opens December 5th at Footlight Players here in Charleston and runs until December 21.

It’s been a tremendous experience preparing and exploring such an amazing role.  I have found over the years that every role I’ve played comes along for a particular reason and at just the right time.  This is particularly true for this role.

Aside from the amazing pressure, with all the songs and trying to live up to the quintessential Jimmy Stewart performance, challenging me to step up my abilities, after playing it kind of safe since retiring from professional acting several years ago, this role is teaching me so much about this wonderful life.  The meticulous writing, taken directly from the Frank Capra script, reveals the pathos and longing of the human spirit.  Our constant desire to be free and yet to belong.  It has reinforced for me the realization that grace and gratitude is the key to happiness.

I hope you will come and rediscover this new, musical version by Lowell Alexander.  The production has been a true delight to work on.  Thomas Keating is an extremely generous and talented director, who has taken a very exciting approach to telling the story.  The cast is small in number but big in heart; we are dedicated to telling this incredible story as powerfully as we can.   I urge you to add our live production of this perennial favorite to your must see theatre list this holiday season.



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