As part of my marketing plan, years ago, I was trying to really understand why people have their portraits painted. I was clear on why I did portraits but not so clear on what was in it for my clients. I decided to create this Feature/Benefits/Value Analysis to understand my market better. This was for in-house purposes only, but I thought my readers might enjoy it! It’s a little rough but you’ll get the idea.

Feature Benefit Value of Benefit to Client
A Maniscalco portrait is an original work of art.  An artistic interpretation by an experienced and talented award-winning artist.  Robert invests himself in it’s creation from beginning to end.  His painting is on a par with most of the top portraitists working today.  He does not participant in the clearing house approach to portraiture (i.e. Leon Lorde, of touched up photos, to look similar to an actual oil painting, etc.) The satisfaction of owning the one and only in  existence.  ->



Satisfaction of being the subject and inspiration for a work of art







Increased stature, exclusivity factor, no worry of a duplicate turning up, integrity, uniqueness, higher resale value, financial investment.

Celebrates our uniqueness, association with an artist, participant in the creative, artistic process, build self-worth, curiosity (“what people see me as”), branding (“Who/how  will I be considered in 200 years?”)

Has integrity as a work of art, by nature it will become deeper and more meaningful over time. We are not getting any older!

Robert paints in an “expressive realism” style.  His work is not photo realist.  He creates the illusion of detail.  There is a difference between explicit detail and expression of form. His portraits have “mannerly” touches that allow the view to commune both with the artist as well as the sitter. If you want photo-realism, just get a photo.  You don’t need an artist.
Robert has been doing portraits for 37 years with his works a part of over 750 public and private collections.  Please See “Assumptions about a Maniscalco Portrait”  Client can trust that Robert will do a great job.
Robert’s portraits are impeccably designed and his compositions draw and hold the viewer.  Robert is a master of the psychology of optics and pictorial composition. Because of his skill and research, his portraits are considered works of art first, then a portrait. His portraits go beyond serving the purpose of providing a good likeness. They will survive based on the artistic integrity, regardless of the subject.
The people in Robert’s portraits are very present.  We are compelled to wonder what they are thinking.  They have depth and are not superficial renderings. Evocative and compelling Depth creates interest around the subject and draws in the viewer. People want to know more about the subject of a Maniscalco portrait. They are a deep study of the personality.
Robert uses traditional methods combined with a modern sensibility.  Robert is responsive to trends and environmental changes but does not sacrifice artistic integrity to follow fashion. The portrait will fit into any setting because of its classical grounding.
Robert is a master of light and form.  His paintings are very 3D.  The subjects seem as if they could walk out of the painting.
Robert’s colors are always harmonious and in good taste.  His flesh tones are very natural yet vibrant and full of life. His work attracting. Portraits are life like and create a desire to know more about the subject. Creates mystique and makes people want to do business or become part of the sitter’s circle.
Robert will be there for you – he doesn’t just ship the painting to you, he collaborates with you to get it right he Satisfaction of knowing you Robert will not stop until his sitter is completely satisfied and in love with the portrait Peace of mind, no nagging doubts or buyers remorse here.
His materials and methods come from a lineage connecting him to the fine painting traditions of the masters.  His lineage can be traced through his father, Joseph Maniscalco to his teacher, Frank Reilly to NC Wyeth, Howard Pyle, who was a colleague of Winslow Homer. The satisfaction and security of being in the hands one of the best portraitist working today   ->


Continuity of a lineage. ->




The connection to tradition, a great value: all that knowledge, experience and tradition for less than a factory made car.

Satisfaction of advancing a lost tradition, a lost art; bring something both new and old into the world.

Robert’s study of acting and music and that he is a published author contributes to the depth of his paintings. A Maniscalco portrait will not only be an excellent likeness but will express the world of the sitter in a deeper way than any photograph. Robert uniquely captures the personality of his subjects. You will have a portrait which captures the sitter’s individuality and the essence of what makes you special.


Some prefer staring at Robert’s portraits to the TV.

Robert can alter and improve a sitter’s attributes while maintaining the integrity of the honest image. See yourself as you’d like to be.  Loose 40 lbs, etc. Inspire you to greater heights.  Loose weight.  Self-affirmation.
As a concrete reminder to those who come after him of the sitter’s lifetime of love, devotion to family and/or career. Provide an inspiration to others to accomplish their goals or achieve their own potential.
If properly cared for it will remain in excellent condition for approximately 500 years.  In fact, his portraits come with a 500 year warrantee.  He uses only the finest grade Belgium Linen and the finest archival paints and materials available. Knowledge that it will outlive the life of the subject. An opportunity to achieve a kind of immortality.  A little piece of yourself to leave behind.  Next best thing to eternal life (or youth).

Creating a family heirloom.  It is a fond remembrance with which future generations can identify.

It will undoubtedly increase in emotional value as it is passed from generation to generation.

Relative to his competitors, both locally and nationally, Robert is reasonably priced as his reputation is growing every day.  His prices are well below his competitors. As he becomes more established throughout the country and region his prices will continue to go up.  Meanwhile, Robert wants to make a quality portrait available to those who really want it. Value greater than cost.



Robert can be somewhat flexible with price if he is presented with an alternative benefit of equal value.

You will get more value than you are paying for.  It will increase in financial value as Robert’s reputation grows, not only in our lifetime but throughout the life of your heirs.

As a financial asset it will result in increased financial security for your children.

A portrait can capture a particular moment, mood, or period of time in a person’s/family’s life.  Robert is also comfortable as a narrative painter and illustrator.  He tells a story about the sitter.  He likes to include personal objects or scenery that add meaning to the artwork. These qualities set him apart from his competitors. To mark a special time and/or occasion: retirement, appointment, graduation, major anniversary, childhood, wedding Creating a fond (and permanent) heirloom associated with a particular time or life event.


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