Unintended Consequences

This Valentines I’d like to take a moment to admire those who take seriously the idea of love, integrating love into our daily lives.

Love is a verb. Love is pure potential. Love is the life force that makes all things possible. Love is more action than feeling or spirit.  We must practice generating love; it is both an art and a skill.
We can use harness as a powerful force for change. We can give and accept love, not as a sentimental construct, but as something real and vital.
We can legislate love at the dinner table and in Congress.
Maddy and Mel

Mel and Maddy

Love must never be taken for granted. Love requires much more from us than hate, so we must actively create and nurture it. Love is light. We understand that the opposite of love isn’t hate, but apathy and ignorance.
I love that we see love as a force for justice, equality and compassion. We understand love connects and binds us and everything together.
We are willing to sacrifice, assist and intervene in the name of love. We are committed to discovering and exploring love in all its splendid and surprising forms. We are soldiers of love. We are explorers. Love will lead us and guide us into the unknown and show us the way. Love sometimes leads to conflict but it’s end is always peace.
Love is a creative force, never destructive.
Love requires courage and tenacity. Love is both outrageous and subtle. Love can be both sloppy and eloquent.
Love fills us with hope and sometimes makes us angry. Love can be difficult but we must never give up on it, because love is not only “all you need,” it is truly all there is.
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