A Father's Love

A Father’s Love


November 4, 2021

Contact: Robert Maniscalco, author
mobile: 313-689-2993

NewsFlashBeacon of Hope has won the “Charleston Award” at the Coastal Carolina Fair in the Fine Arts Exhibition, bringing his competition wins to four.

Beacon of Hope

Beacon of Hope


number one best selling author

Forty years in the making, author, artist, and gallerist Robert Maniscalco delivers an inspiring how-to-draw-and-paint masterpiece to artists of all levels, in The Power of Positive Paintingthe big (8.5″ x 11″), beautiful, 145 page, full color book, now available in hard and soft cover and as a Kindle eBook. The P3is an excellent guide to energize budding artists or curious first-timers, who want to engage in painting but either don’t have the confidence or the know-how. Seasoned professionals are also learning things they didn’t know they knew! Robert Maniscalco gets under the skin of his process and urges artists to move from couch to canvas in The Power of Positive PaintingUnlock the Dazzling World of Color and Light. Maniscalco shares his carefully guarded secrets to making a painting look 3-D. “Why not deepen your painting skills during Covid19? Re-imagine yourself as the artist you’ve always dreamed of being.”


Retail Price: $29.95 on Amazon
$24.95 Autographed copies direct from the author


  • Due to the recent closing of Art Mecca, Upper King’s coolest gallery. 427 King St, Charleston, Robert is not exhibiting in the Charleston peninsula. “The closing of art venues is hurting our city and our culture is paying the price.”
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